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Beyond Tech was founded on a stable foundation of over 10 years of distribution experience, with excellent business partners in the Far East and the United States, and a very strong customer base, we were able to bring strong brands to the UK market form the get go.

With our primary focus on Gaming and Storage, we offer hundreds of products used by millions of end-users worldwide. Using feedback from customers, we will assist manufacturers in R&D, meaning we can get the right products to market, and not bring products that won’t be successful, which can lead to us having better sales of our vendors products, and when reputation has been established, bring more and more slowly in.

Unlike some other Distributors, all of our sales and purchasing staff have excellent knowledge for the products we buy and sell, and all come from a background which heavily incorporates PC and/or Gaming systems. The passion the staff show enables Beyond Tech to assist our customers above and Beyond the expect level.

Our focus is driven by the company philosophy of self-empowerment, meaning we are very attached to the products we sell, learning everything there is to know about the products, so we can get the best solution for your business.

We have a purpose built facility based in the heart of the West Midlands, which means we can dispatch your orders next day 99% of the time!

We are constantly adapting to ensure our customers receive the fairest price available, and we are always monitoring the market to guarantee this can happen. At Beyond Tech, we believe true service starts when you first contact us, and will never expire. Our commitment to excellent service and the philosophy of pleasing every customer is something we hold close to our hearts.

Our Sales staff are always available via Phone, Email, and Instant Messenger to give you the choice of how you want to contact us.