We don’t just throw your PC together, each and every component is carefully selected to create the absolute perfect balance of price and performance. We don’t use cheap generic components, so we’re already ahead of the competition when it comes to producing systems that run blisteringly fast. It doesn’t stop there, we also spend time setting up your system by hand. We don’t use images, we don’t install every PC the same way, we taylor it to get the most from the components installed.

Each and every system is installed and set up by one of our skilled technicians who will ensure all the latest drivers are installed, unlike most manufacturers, we don’t just install the out of date drivers provided on the driver CDs, we ensure the very latest chipset, graphics and audio drivers are installed to unlock the absolutely best performance possible.

We ensure all the latest security updates are installed and windows updates are in place, which means you don’t have to spend hours updating and rebooting your brand new system before you can actually use it. Simply plug it in, install your games and you’re away.

The motherboard BIOS will also be updated to the latest available, meaning you get the best performance and the highest degree of stability. We don’t just leave it at that, we also go through the BIOS settings in detail – setting the memory timings and turning off unused devices.

If you select the overclocking option (available at no extra cost), we’ll improve the performance of your system even further by boosting the processor clock speeds. However, its not simply a case of increasing the clock speeds, we ensure that the overclocked system is absolutely stable, this is tested to exacting standards to ensure complete stability.

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