Westwood Associates

The Star Micronics TSP800 is a very fast thermal barcode, label, receipt and ticket printer which features a unique paper width of 112mm and is capable of printing on paper up to 150gsm in weight – all this in a printer that’s only 180mm wide!

Without any software changes, the unique built-in scalable Raster driver on the TSP800 allows pages to be scaled down from A4 to A6 and still be perfectly readable when printed. This feature makes it the ideal printer for a wide range of applications within the hospitality and retail environment, but also for use as a compact internet printer or even as a kiosk printer. This unique scalable driver gives the TSP800 many advantages over standard A4 printers, the most notable of which is the huge reduction in paper costs.

With such a small footprint, the TSP800 takes up less counter space than a standard A4 inkjet or laser printer. The TSP800 is so compact that it even has a wall mount option to ensure that premium counter space is not wasted, something that would be very difficult to do with a standard A4 printer.

Alongside all of these features, the TSP800 also offers the ability to automatically print a second copy of any receipt to store in the till or back office as required and allows you to keep an electronic journal to be stored ready for printing at a later date if necessary.

The TSP800 uses Star’s simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading feature and can accept paper rolls of various widths – an external paper feed path for large diameter and fanfold tickets is standard. Interfacing is no problem thanks to USB, Serial, Parallel or Ethernet options as well as both ESC/POS (including “Super Large” 40 column mode), DP8340 emulation mode and the traditional Star mode.

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