RAIDON Technology Inc. founded in year 2000, also a brand name 「RAIDON」has established to be known for quality and reliable Professional Storage Solutions. RAIDON products has been distributed in high standard of manufacturing quality with unique product designs, providing reliable data storage products exceeding expectations for the image of RAIDON brand.

Initial target of RAIDON was devote to professional storage for SME, and gradually RAIDON has foreseen the demands of SOHO, further began design large storage capacity devices with consideration of mobility to convenient each individuals to carry or interchange large data from various purposes, also allowing users may agilely perform data classification with multiple drives. By keeping data protection as a basic concept, device quality and data security leads in parallel from RAIDON R&D team development directions, and it is the core value of RAIDON brand ensuring the security exists for customer information.

RAIDON continuously reveals dedication throughout years designing and developing storage solutions to facilities, SME, SOHO and consumers for keeping the existence of their precious data assets.

While upholding our dedication and together with the ability to development for bringing the most practical and complete solutions to various demands, RAIDON expects becoming a second to none of professional small-scale data storage solution provider who can truly consolidate reputation to each of the distributors.

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