Space was originally designed because we were concerned by the excessive support needs of SAN systems. We were also constantly surprised by the cost and complexity of installing a fibre channel or iSCSI networks. Not only that: after configuring the system and setting up each workstation, the performance levels were often disappointing, with the storage unable to sustain read and write speeds so the user experience was poor. The industry needed a better central storage solution…

Space tier 1 network attached storage system is easily capable of supporting multiple concurrent HD editors. With no drivers to install, no licences to buy and fully scalable products, GB Labs has made owning and using shared storage equipment a whole new experience. Mac, PC, Linux and mixed OS workgroups can finally access shared files for full speed editing, video processing and content creation. Projects and content can be moved or copied between storage units at high speed with built-in data management tools automating common processes.

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