FUZE is a method of teaching students of all ages and abilities to code. FUZE Code Studio is an environment for Windows systems and Raspberry Pi devices. It is incredibly accessible and gets students, and teachers, coding very quickly.  The implementation ensures  learning is fun, rewarding and very tactile.

FUZE is in use by hundreds of schools across the UK and beyond.

To see what the fuss is about, take a look at our Workshop page.  The testimonials are all real!

Computer programming is now deeply rooted in the curriculum and learning to code using text based programming languages is the expected outcome.

The reasons are obvious. We’re entering a new age in technology. If you’ve not heard of  IoT  (the Internet oThings) then you soon will. Computing devices will be woven (literally) into the fabric of our daily lives in ways we can’t yet even imagine. Our interaction with computers is also changing from keyboard to mouse to touch to gesture to… how about predictive behaviour, and other methods yet unknown.

Who  is going to be responsible for all this, who will inspire and create this new technology and most importantly, who is going to CODE it?!


Your children, that’s who.

But who teaches the children a technology we, as adults, have not been exposed to ‘how-it-works’. We’ve not focused on teaching programming skills for almost thirty years.

The  FUZE   requires no previous knowledge of programming whatsoever. It is a self contained programming and (simple) electronics workstation. Switch it on, follow the included projects, learn to code! Is it really that simple.

Already in use in hundreds of schools, not just in the UK but all around the globe, the  FUZE  has proven itself to be more than capable of teaching young and older minds alike, computer programming skills that engage, excite and stimulate computational thinking, problem solving and rapidly develop digital skills .