Centerprise International Group

Our success was, and continues to be, a result of our technical expertise and ability to supply specifically and directly to our clients’ requirements.

As time has progressed so has the Centerprise Group’s technical ability and legacy. Centerprise prides itself on its impressive portfolio of private and public sector clients, and its astounding team of dedicated and talented staff. Please view our Careers section for more information if you are thinking of joining the Centerprise International Group.

This section of the website is dedicated to the Group History, current Accreditations, Cases Studies and Client Testimonials. You can also find out about Key People in the company, the people and Partners we work with, and the Frameworks we’re currently involved in.

To find out about current affairs, including PR publications and all the latest stories, check out our News & Events Hub. You’ll be able to see where we’ll be this year, and to find out what events we’re holding in the future. Sign up to get regular news directly to your inbox.

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